AFF Maple League Week Thirteen, Ep. 15

August 10, 2017

After a one week hiatus, AFF is back discussing the vanilla week 13 in the Maple League. Perfect Pervis is running the show solo this week, as his co-hosts had obligations to attend to this week. Perfect explains how the better teams dominated this week, while giving a big shoutout to the Hämeenlinna Huskies Belgian receiver Reuben De Ruyter. Perfect also shares his interview with a Maple League Player from last week. The show ends with Perfect making picks for every game of week 14 in the Maple League. Check out the show to find out what happened this week!


AFF Maple League Week Eleven, Ep. 14

July 26, 2017

With only four weeks left in the Maple League season, Week 11 was crucial for all teams involved. AFF is back in the Lahiradio studio this week (check out the quality), and ready to tell you how it all went down in Finland’s top league. Perfect made sure to give the Helsinki Roosters the respect they deserve after responding well against a good Porvoon Butchers team. Jabari explains how the Hämeenlinna Huskies are reliant on Roman Runner for team success. Both hosts agree that Tampere Saints quarterback Raleigh Yeldell had an out of body experience against the Seinäjoki Crocodiles. AFF interviews a Maple League player who has some bold predictions about next week’s games. Perfect and Jabari also pick winners for week 12 games in the Maple League. In a new segment to the show, AFF lets their interview guests give shoutouts to all you listeners out there! Tune in to the show to find out who our special guest hosts are!


AFF Maple League Week 10, Ep. 13

July 18, 2017

Ten weeks of Maple League play have passed and things are just as exciting as week one. AFF discusses the power of 14 points this week, and the fact that it is not enough to win a game! This week Perfect Pervis is solo with a special guest host. Perfect has no problem ripping the Tampere Saints defense again as they were destroyed by the Helsinki Roosters this week. This week’s guest host explained why the Hämeenlinna Huskies are playing less than stellar due to numerous injuries thus far. Both hosts agree that the Porvoon Butchers offensive line are real “dogs”. Perfect gets personal with his guest host about his time in Finland, as well as finding out season goals for the guest host. The show finishes with week eleven game picks, including Jabari and Rojo picks. Due to new scheduling, AFF will be moving to Thursdays starting next week. Tune in to find out who the special guest host is and more!


AFF Maple League Week Nine, Ep. 12

July 12, 2017

Week 9 of the Maple League has been the most exciting so far and AFF joins in on the action! This week saw the Wasa Royals hand the Helsinki Roosters their first loss of the season. On Saturday, the Porvoon Butchers intergrated their new American quarterback seamlessly into their team and dominated the Turku Trojans. Monday night was a surprisingly close game between the Hämeenlinna Huskies and the ever-improving Seinäjoki Crocodiles. Perfect Pervis discusses why this week was good for the league as a whole and defintely makes the rest of the season worth watching. Jabari Harris shows compassion for the Trojans and explains that the season is not over for the winless team. This week's episode reaches a very emotional point when both Perfect and Jabari call out one team in particular and language gets very mature. Tune in to the show to find out what all happened this week on American Football in Finland!


AFF Maple League Week Eight, Ep. 11

July 5, 2017

The Maple League has returned from Midsummer break and so has AFF. Wasa Royals get back to winning, the Hämeenlinna Huskies have lost two consecutive games, and the Seinäjoki Crocodiles are on a winning streak?!! All that and more this week on American Football in Finland!


Due to scheduling, and a father’s love, Co-host Robert Johnson has taken a leave of absence and will be acting as a silent host until further notice. That means this week there is a special guest host joining Perfect Pervis and Jabari Harris. To start off the second half of the season, American Football in Finland has mixed up its show schedule.


In this week’s show Perfect and Jabari both give the Seinäjoki Quarterback Brett Arrivey props for winning a tough game against the Turku Trojans, showing himself as the leader of a young and inexperienced team trying to grow. Perfect explains that the Wasa Royals have finally played a game the way they are expected to, by dominating the Tampere Saints. Jabari and both co-hosts agree that the Porvoon Butchers defense is the real deal and proved so against the Hämeenlinna Huskies. A new element to the show, Perfect and his co-hosts predicted winners for the week 9 games in the Maple League. To make things interesting, AFF also predicted scores of the games. Instead of separate player interviews this week, AFF interviewed their co-host live with some personal questions. Perfect asked the guest host about his playing ability on both sides of the ball, while Jabari asked what he likes to do outside of football. Tune in to find out who the guest host is!





AFF Maple League Midsummer, Ep. 10

June 28, 2017

The Maple League is on a bye week, but AFF is not! This week Perfect Pervis, Jabari Harris, and guest host Que Floyd discuss every team in the Maple League and the leading MVP candidates. Perfect is confident in the AFF playoff predictions and gives respect to the undefeated Helsinki Roosters. Jabari uses this week to explain why the teams in the bottom of the league will stay there for the remainder of the season. Que Floyd joins the show to give his honest views on each team, but has some special words for the AFF group as well. On today's show the group puts out 5 Maple League players as potential MVP Candidates, check out the show now to find out who!!


AFF Maple League Week Seven, Ep. 9

June 21, 2017

The 7th week of the Maple League has been completed and AFF is back! After a one week vacation, Perfect Pervis and Jabari Harris get together to discuss last week's matchups. Perfect uses this week to challenge the Wasa Royals to start playing to their potential instead of their 3-2 record. Jabari agreed with Perfect and states that the Maple League is still up for grabs from spots 2-6 because of the inconsistent play throughout the league. Tune in to find out what else the duo discussed this week!!


June Robinson of the Turku Trojans Interview

June 16, 2017

Perfect Pervis Interviews Turku Trojans defensive player and Defensive Coordinator June Robinson. Take a listen to what June has to say!


Brett Arrivey of Seinäjoki Crocodiles Interview

June 13, 2017

Perfect Pervis Interviews Seinäjoki Crocodiles quarterback Brett Arrivey after the Crocodiles week 6 victory. Take a listen to what Brett has to say!


AFF Maple League Week Five, Ep. 8

June 6, 2017

After 5 weeks of Maple League games, AFF is once again telling you what really happened on the field! Thursday night the Porvoon Butchers defeated the Seinäjoki Crocodiles 31-0. Saturday the Helsinki Roosters shutout the Tampere Saints 50-0, The last game of the week was played on Monday night where the Hämeenlinna Huskies beat the Turku Trojans 28-0.

This 5th week of games continued the trend of blowout games in the Maple League. AFF has had enough, and is calling out players, coaches, and organizations this week! Perfect discusses that the better teams won this week, but even the best teams looked less than stellar. Jabari took this opportunity to challenge Crocodiles QB Brett Arrivey to step up for his team. Perfect apologizes about the Trojans offensive problems not being the quarterback, after seeing a huge improvement with Finnish QB Teemu Thorström. As customary AFF also interviews a few players from the Maple League to get their thoughts on the games. Tune in to find out what happened in week five!