AFF Maple League Week 10, Ep. 13

July 18, 2017

Ten weeks of Maple League play have passed and things are just as exciting as week one. AFF discusses the power of 14 points this week, and the fact that it is not enough to win a game! This week Perfect Pervis is solo with a special guest host. Perfect has no problem ripping the Tampere Saints defense again as they were destroyed by the Helsinki Roosters this week. This week’s guest host explained why the Hämeenlinna Huskies are playing less than stellar due to numerous injuries thus far. Both hosts agree that the Porvoon Butchers offensive line are real “dogs”. Perfect gets personal with his guest host about his time in Finland, as well as finding out season goals for the guest host. The show finishes with week eleven game picks, including Jabari and Rojo picks. Due to new scheduling, AFF will be moving to Thursdays starting next week. Tune in to find out who the special guest host is and more!


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