AFF Spaghetti Bowl Review, Ep. 21

September 6, 2017

This weekend in Finland, the Kuopio Steelers defeated the Helsinki Wolverines in the Division 1 Spaghetti Bowl Championship. Guest hosts Stan Bedwell and Que Floyd join the AFF cast to discuss the game. Bedwell makes note that the Wolverines defense could not tackle at all in the final and that was the reason for their ultimate demise. Jabari gave credit to the Steelers defense using the classic phrase “defense wins championships.” Kuopio Steelers quarterback Seth Peters joins the show as well, and the AFF hosts ask him a few questions about his team and experience in Kuopio this season. The show ends with a few Maple Bowl predictions as well as congratulations to Seth Peters and the Kuopio Steelers team. Tune in now!


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