Offseason Training, AFF Season 2, Ep. 6

March 14, 2018

This week American Football tackles the subject of offseason training. Perfect Pervis has an open-ended conversation with guests about different ideas involving offseason programs in Europe.

Guests this week are Evan Harrington, Dwaine Wood, Da’Ronte Smith, John Booker, and Garren Holley.


1:01 – Evan Harrington starts the topic discussing the issue with weightlifting in the offseason. The culture differences in Europe make it difficult to get full weight lifting participation. Dwaine Wood adds to the conversation that lifting heavy weights for football players has its own challenges. Fitness gyms in Switzerland are not very generous towards cooperation with players who want to throw around heavy weights in their facilities. Perfect’s opinion is that offseason training needs to complement the different players involved in the sport.


11:25 – Perfect Pervis gives an anecdotal tale about offseason training in his college years to explain what is necessary for offseason training. Perfect further explains that over training is the biggest issue with improper offseason training. Da’Ronte Smith agrees with Perfect and suggests that in the offseason players should take time to enjoy themselves outside of football. He explains that he crossed over to Ice Hockey during some of his previous offseason programs.


28:05 – John Booker explains that players and coaches need to immediately get away from the sport after a rigorous season to get refocused. Booker details the specifics of his team’s off season training program, including making offseason workouts a demanded priority. Garren Holley and Booker both suggest that when creating an offseason program, reach out to others and learn to utilize others knowledge to create your own system.


Coaching Experience - AFF Season 2, Ep. 5

March 8, 2018

This week on American Football in Finland, Perfect Pervis discusses the topic of coaching experience. Guest hosts are Mark Collier, Dwaine Wood, John Booker, Evan Harrington, and Garren Holley.


Developing Players - AFF Season 2, Ep. 4

February 28, 2018

This week on American Football in Finland, Perfect Pervis reaches around the globe to discuss different ways to develop players new to the sport of American Football. Guests on the show are Spencer Cutlan, Da’Ronte Smith, Evan Harrington, and Dwaine Wood.


0:40 – Perfect poses the question about practice or game experience to develop new players to American Football. Spencer explains that you must bring new players along slowly so they can gradually build their skillset. Cutlan continues to use a soccer anecdote to explain how player development can be the difference in players reaching their full potential. Spencer goes on to say that special teams is not how you develop inexperienced players. Perfect agrees, stating that being a backup doesn’t make you SPECIAL enough to be on special teams.


8:45 – New to the show, Da’Ronte Smith joins Perfect Pervis this week to talk about player development. Smith has been playing and living in Brazil for the last 5 years and gives his insight on developing players there. Perfect explains that foreigners learning football is a different situation because the players usually vary greatly in experience on the same playing field compared to in the states where most players have similar amount of experience. Da’Ronte states that repetition and correcting mistakes is the main tool used to develop players in Brazil. Perfect and Da’Ronte come to the conclusion that Brazil and Europe have different obstacles regarding player development because of cultural differences.


19:31 – Perfect explains that he prefers to develop players through practice more than game experience. Evan explains that he prefers to throw players in the fire to help them develop, after they get a heavy dose of classroom type instruction on the sport. Dwaine explains that hos team has a system of actually developing new players through the youth program, so as adults they are experienced with the sport already. This leads the conversation to youth players and the group discusses ideas for increasing youth participation in American Football



National Teams and International Games - AFF Season 2, Ep. 3

February 14, 2018

American Football in Finland goes International in episode #3! Perfect Pervis and guests tackle the issue of National Teams in comparison with International games being played in Europe. To give a broader view on the subject Perfect talks to coaches in different parts of Europe. Guests joining the show this week are Akseli Olin, Curtis Slater, Jabari Harris, Que Floyd, Garren Holley, John Booker, Mark Collier, Josh Claassen, Spencer Cutlan, Dwaine Wood, and Evan Harrington. Guests individual segments can be found in the patron content of the AFF Podcast.



AFF kicks off with Akseli Olin schooling Perfect on the National Teams situation in Europe. Akseli states that National teams are a pride thing, but very taxing on the players physically. Perfect explains his view that the National Team selection should be a list of players instead of making players compete in games. Perfect continues to state that National team games hurt the sport because they are not prioritized of club teams throughout the year. Both Akseli and Perfect agree that International games are better for fans and can draw more attention to the sport. Perfect asks for more international games


10:29 – Perfect talks with Curtis Slater about the disarray of the National team situation in Europe. Slater agrees that National teams have lost their appeal on the international scale. 


16:25 – Jabari Harris and Que Floyd contribute to the conversation about National teams and International games. Que explains that football is not a sport designed for National team games, using the NFL Pro Bowl as an example. Jabari adds that the process of selecting players for National teams is flawed and hurts the overall experience of playing National Team games.  

26:23 – Garren Holley (HC of Munich Cowboys, Germany) and John Booker (HC of Koc Rams, Turkey) give a coaching perspective on the National team process and international games. Garren states that the amount of politics in National Team selections is why players with that accolade do not necessarily gain favor during his evaluation of talent. John agrees with Garren, and explains that as great as being a National Team player sounds, film is the ultimate evaluation tools for players. 


34:28 – Perfect discusses the topic further with Mark Collier and Josh Josh Claassen. Perfect suggests that the money, time, effort, and resources for National Team play could be better used to increase the competition of the domestic league in international play. Mark explains how the National Team system is so redundant, that players opt out, resulting in teams not being able to compete properly. Josh adds that the timing of National team games usually disrupts league schedules. Josh steers the conversation to import rules limiting international play. Perfect agrees that the different import situation is an issue, that could be remedied by limiting imports and increasing developmental strategies.


43:31 – Spencer Cutlan uses different sports to explain why National Teams is not a concept that works for American Football. Perfect explains that National Teams are not always representative of the countries they represent. Cutlan goes on to add that National Teams is not an American way of doing things, and football is an American sport. Perfect suggests that football should be promoted as a different sport instead of as an alternative sport, and National Teams don’t follow that model.


56:02 – Evan Harrington (HC of Winterthur Warriors, Switzerland) and Dwaine Wood (HC of Basel Gladiators, Switzerland) join AFF for the first time to talk international football with Perfect. Dwaine explains that politics ruins the National team process, and Evan agrees. Evan states that National Team games will never be at the level of international games. Perfect explains that more international games would help people understand who are really the good teams in Europe. Evan and Dwaine explain the difficulties of organizing international games, specifically in Switzerland. Dwaine explains how the change from EFAF to IFAF has created the decline of international competitions. Evan also explains how the financial implications of international games is an major obstacle. Perfect pleads his case that it is possible to increase international competition, but the lack of similar visions between teams is what is standing in the way of progress.


Finland League Structure Discussion - AFF Season 2, Ep. 2

February 7, 2018

On Episode 2 of AFF, Perfect Pervis takes on the subject of the league structure in Finland and discusses a few ideas that might be beneficial to the growth of football in Suomi. This week, Perfect is joined by Akseli Olin, Jabari Harris, Spencer Cutlan, Que Floyd, and Curtis Slater. Guests individual segments can be found in the patron content of the AFF Podcast. If you would like to see Perfect's detailed strategy for restructure, visit



1:00 – Helsinki Roosters defensive back Akseli Olin joins Perfect to discuss the team and league structure in Finland. Akseli believes that there should be an increase in youth club teams in Finland, but a decrease in adult teams.

6:53 – Perfect goes into detail about his Maple League Restructure idea, expanding the Maple League to 12 teams, and having Division 1 have 6 teams. Akseli agrees with the general concept that Perfect pitches and suggest that people take a listen.

14:17 – Curtis Slater explains how the structure of different teams in Finland effects the overall football culture in Finland.  Slater states that better competition in games would help the league grow.

19:50 – Spencer Cutlan is at a loss for words regarding the structure of Finland football. Comparing the best teams in Division 1 to the Maple League, Perfect and Spencer both agree that the competition is comparable.

28:00 – Jabari Harris and Que Floyd join the discussion about the league structure in Finland. Jabari flat out says the structure needs to change, and that there are too many divisions in the SAJL.





Finland’s Ruutu Service and Football Attendance - Season 2, Ep. 1

February 2, 2018

American Football in Finland is back! Perfect Pervis kicks off season two discussing the state of the Maple League’s partnership with the Ruutu media service, and the actual football attendance in Finland. Jabari Harris, Marquette “Que” Floyd, Spencer Cutlan, Mark Collier, Josh Claassen, Akseli Olin, and Curtis Slater each give their take on the topic with Perfect. Guests individual segments can be found in the patron content of the AFF Podcast.



1:45 – Jabari Harris and Que Floyd discuss the impact of the Ruutu service in Finland, as well as the actual attendance to football games in Finland. Que points out that the Ruutu service makes it difficult for the games to be shown outside of the limited Finnish market. Jabari states that Ruutu is great for the Football community, but doesn’t help increase the fan base on the national level.

23:27 – Spencer Cutlan gives his opinion on the Ruutu subscription, agreeing that the concept is good for boosting the legitimacy of American Football to the level of other professional sports in Finland.

29:39 – Perfect Pervis calls out the best teams in Austria and Germany, saying Finland can compete with those teams if given the chance.

31:24 – Mark Collier and Josh Claassen weigh in out the Ruutu topic. Mark points out that Ruutu is a great product for watching games for fans who are not local to their teams. He also states that the Ruutu schedule helps fans to see more games instead of deciding between football and their life every weekend. Perfect agrees that for true fans, Ruutu has given great options, but for the casual fans it does nothing to increase exposure. Mark goes on to explain how entertaining football in Finland was in the past and that if the sport was to get back to that level of entertainment, attendance would most definitely increase. Perfect brings up the fact that the Maple League games are too expensive to attend as a casual fan. Mark agrees and suggests either there is more entertainment, or the price is lowered in the Maple League. Perfect suggests the difference between now and the past is that players do not promote the sport to their local community anymore, as was done in the past.

41:21 – Akseli Olin states that Ruutu is good for the Maple League and the sport of football in Finland. Akseli says the Ruutu product is top quality and better than what any local teams could produce.


49:39 – Curtis Slater begins his opinions with the pricing of the Ruutu subscription. Perfect adds in his quick math as they figure out the costs of attending a game or getting the Ruutu subscription.






AFF Maple League All-Stars, Ep. 24

October 12, 2017

AFF is back one more time to wrap up the 2017 Maple League season. Perfect Pervis takes this opportunity to let the world know how he feels about the All-Star selections and yearly award winners this season. Perfect states that everyone chosen was well deserving of their selections, but he wasted no time airing out his grievances and throwing out a few names he considered worthy of the same selections. Checkout the AFF Finale now!!


AFF Maple Bowl Review, Ep, 23

September 13, 2017

AFF is back to recap the Maple Bowl! Joining Perfect this week is Helsinki Roosters Champions Mikko Koikkalainen and Akseli Olin. Perfect explains how disappointing the Maple Bowl game was from a fan standpoint because the Roosters dominated the Royals 37-9. Mikko and Akseli both answered a few questions from Perfect about the game. In a surprising twist, the trio throws out Maple League All-Star names that they believe deserve it. Perfect ends the show with thanks and appreciation to everyone supporting the podcast this year. Tune in now!


AFF Maple Bowl Preview, Ep. 22

September 7, 2017

The Maple Bowl is only days away! This week AFF takes an in depth look at the Helsinki Roosters versus the Wasa Royals final matchup. Chris Green, Que Floyd, and Curtis Slater join the show this week to add a variety of views about the game. Chris Green joins the AFF crew in asking Que Floyd and Curtis Slater questions about the upcoming game. AFF uses this show to compare the two teams from top to bottom. Perfect claims that this game is a rivalry in every aspect, from the players to the coaches and management of each team. Rojo discusses the fact that Curtis Slater is the most valuable player in the Maple League. Jabari calls out Wasa Royals quarterback Justin Sottilare and challenges him to prove everyone wrong by winning the Maple Bowl. Chris Green brings to light that Nicholas Peterson deserves to be noticed in this matchup. This week AFF makes their Maple Bowl picks. Tune in to find out more!


Wasa Royals Maple Bowl Interview: Spencer Cutlan

September 6, 2017

Perfect Pervis interviews Wasa Royals receiver Spencer Cutlan about his Maple Bowl game against the Helsinki Roosters. Cutlan discusses his individual play, what this game means to him, and what is needed to win the Vaahteramalja. To hear the entire interview, tune in now!!