AFF Maple Bowl Preview, Ep. 22

September 7, 2017

The Maple Bowl is only days away! This week AFF takes an in depth look at the Helsinki Roosters versus the Wasa Royals final matchup. Chris Green, Que Floyd, and Curtis Slater join the show this week to add a variety of views about the game. Chris Green joins the AFF crew in asking Que Floyd and Curtis Slater questions about the upcoming game. AFF uses this show to compare the two teams from top to bottom. Perfect claims that this game is a rivalry in every aspect, from the players to the coaches and management of each team. Rojo discusses the fact that Curtis Slater is the most valuable player in the Maple League. Jabari calls out Wasa Royals quarterback Justin Sottilare and challenges him to prove everyone wrong by winning the Maple Bowl. Chris Green brings to light that Nicholas Peterson deserves to be noticed in this matchup. This week AFF makes their Maple Bowl picks. Tune in to find out more!


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