AFF Spaghetti Bowl Special, Ep. 20

August 31, 2017

American Football in Finland does a special show to discuss Finland’s Division 1 Championship, the Spagettimalja (Spaghetti Bowl)! Special guest hosts Que Floyd and Stan Bedwell join Jabari Harris in giving their thoughts about the Kuopio Steelers versus Helsinki Wolverines matchup. Because of a conflict of interest, show creator Perfect Pervis keeps his opinions to himself during this special occasion. Coach Floyd states that American import quarterback Seth Peters could be the difference for the Steelers in this championship game. Coach Bedwell adds that the Steelers will need to slow down the Wolverines high-powered offense, as well as keep theirs running smoothly. Jabari thinks the team who wins the turnover battle will be the Spaghetti Bowl Champion. The trio has different picks for the winners of this contest, tune in now to find out they chose!!


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